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Cellular Concrete saves  I-70 for CDOT

Received approval from MPCA for  Flyash 

CCI Solves Soil Problem in Fargo, ND

Cellularconcreteinc Cellular Concrete

Cellular Concrete Inc uses the best foaming agents on the market.

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Cellular Concrete Inc. is a leader in the production and installation of foam concrete. Lightweight Cellular Concrete, also known as foam concrete, is the ideal lightweight solution for design needs and offers a strong cost/value advantage for lightweight fill construction. The use of the most modern, high production equipment offers the end user the most productive, cost-effective solution in the industry today.

What is Cellular Concrete?
Cellular Concrete is a low-density fill material primarily used in geotechnical applications. The Lightweight Cellular Concrete is made by the injection (or blending) of a pre-formed stable foam into a cement-based slurry.

Pervious Cellular Concrete  
Unlike our classic cellular, this will drain water comparable to a small gravel with all the same distinctive quality as our closed cell cellular concrete.  We did a pervious cellular concrete project in Fargo, ND for a bridge approach. They wanted a light weight product that could take on water due to the constant flooding in this area.